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Agriturismo Quadrifoglio... cibo per il corpo e per la mente!

Where we are and what we offer.

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Tarquinia foundation has been handed on to us by the legendary event of Tagete, a Being with the appearance of a child but with the wisdom of an old man; he appeared to Tarchon (Tarconte)  jumping out of a furrow cut by his plough in the surroundings of the Marta River. Tagete revealed to Tarchon the discipline of Etruscan religion and in that place Tarchon founded a holy city called Tarchna (Tarquinia).
For their craftmanship and their objects, the evidences of the Etruscan graves rappresent  moments of wonder in the human history. In the city it is possible to see the ages that came after the Etruscan period: Roman, Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance Every corner of the city is like a museum with many visible remains.
The four cities that followed one upon the other: the Etruscan Tarchna, the Roman-Greek Gravisca, the Medieval Cencelle and the late-Medieval Corneto show to the world their archeologic evidences that mark the passing of time. The artistic content of the Necropolis with about 200 graves shows paintings, which are unique in the word.
In the National Archeologic Museum of Tarquinia, located in Vitelleschi Palace, it is possible to admire testimonies of the life of the richest familes. In this museum crockery, sarcophagi, weapons and many other objects teach us about the life of that period. The lopping Medieval towers make the city appear thrown towards the sky. They rise strongly, almost as a challenge to the mistral blowing from the near Tirreno sea.
Our history is the history of the Maremma of the Lazio where the hard and difficult ground taken from the woods and the cohabitation with the drought and the malary strengthened men to live in the most difficult situations and conditions of life.
We live in a place called Selciatella at about 11 Km from Tarquinia, immersed in an untouched country where time seems to have stopped: the sight gets lost upon fields whose different shades vary with the season, the only ever-present colour the light-blue of the sea towards the orizon.
At the present the countryside of the hills of Selciatella is tilled with different cultivations: generally fit to be sown (cereals), olive-yard, vineyard, vegetables; white sports of the flocks of sheep that move the colorful landscape; spots of woods of typical Mediterranean plants: holm-oak, cork-tree maritime pine, oak, almond-tree, broom, myrtle and in the underbrush lavender, asparagus, rosemary.
This is the land where the wild boar lives together with many other animals like foxes, hares, hedgehogs, badgers, porcupines, bovines of Maremmana race. It is easy to observe many birds attracted by woods providing them easy sustainment: larks, sparrows, crested-larks, stonechats, white wagtails, grey rooks and magpies.
At night little owls breaks the majestic silence making their melody audible.

Where we are and what we offer

The Four-leaved Clover agriturism is located at about 11 Km from Tarquinia in a hilly location called Selciatella, on a hilltop. Leaving Tarquinia, it is possible to reach it by following the old state road Aurelia towards Grosseto till the crossroad with the Roccaccia provincial road. Then the road rises gently, blending with the true Etruscan contryside and discovering slopes whose chanding colors are determined by the passing seasons. We are located about 1 Km from the “Fontanile della Torre” (Tower Fountain), local indications and signs will lead you towards us.
Our hospitality consists of comfortable two beds rooms with breakfast included and the possibility to fix other meals, absolute relax and silence, magical starry nights in the middle of an untouched countryside. You will be able to experience directly all the different stages of the several cultivations of the form, enjoying what is being produced: cereals, wine, artichokes, vegetables, fruit, almonds, etc.
It is possible to take walks in the woods of the neighboring Agrarial University of Tarquinia, discovering the wildlife, cycling up and down the surrounding hills or riding horses at the nearby horse riding centre, at “Fontanile della Torre” about 800mt from us.
The sea is within easy reach with its beaches and the Marina Velka golf course.
An INFO center is available to plan excursions to Tarquinia and the Tuscia region (the Necropolis of Tarquinia, Tuscania, the Bolsena lake, Viterbo, Bomarzo, etc).








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Where are and what we offer
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